Boarding System


1.        Parents as well as others are not allowed to enter in the dormitory of the children without valid permission.

2.        As one of the best boarding schools in India, Silence and discipline in the dormitory, dining room and bath place should be of the highest possible order.

3.        Parents are allowed to visit their children in the Reception only. Dormitories and Corridors must not be used for this.

4.        Parents are allowed to visit their wards only on 2nd and 4th Sundays. In weekdays and school hours they are strictly prohibited from visiting their wards.

5.        No leave will be granted to Students without prior sanctioning. i.e. only for two days.

6.        Guardians are allowed to take the child only with the written permission from the parents.

7.        Boarders’ parents can enquire about their wards after the school working hours. They are strictly prohibited from making enquiries through phones during school hours.

8.        Students are not allowed to keep medicine, valuable things, money, magazine, walkman and eatables with them.

9.        Parents are strictly warned not give any tuck to their children.

10.     Students are advised to label all the items brought by them with their register number.

11.     Students are permitted to bring personal musical instruments, Shuttle Badminton Racket, Hockey Sticks, Cricket Bat etc. The initial of the student and roll number must be painted on the articles.

12.     A duplicate key of the lock brought by the student should be deposited with the warden.

13.     Students are allowed to visit their parents after each terminal examination. Students have to report Back to school on the date within the time specified. Absentees will be fined Rs. 50/- per day.

14.     Boards’ fee must be paid on or before 10th of every scheduled month. There after a fine of Rs. 10/- will be collected per day.

15.     Parents are expected to lodge their valuable suggestions and complaints only to hostel Warden / principal.

16.     Students should follow the mess timings and table manners strictly in accordance with the most ideal in boarding school in India.

17.     The school reserves the right to ask parents to withdraw their wards for any act of indiscipline without assigning any reason.

 Beside boarders are expected to be well behaved at all times in the hostel complex and abide by the rules laid down by the hostel authorities


Boarding Room


SRSSIPS prefers, to have limited boarders. The boarders are under the direct guidance and supervision of the principal and well-experienced warden and ably assisted by a team of resident faculty members. Affectionate nannies are readily available to attend all the immediate needs of the children, such as bathing, shoe polishing, laundry, dressing up, toilet assistance at night and so on.


At our International school, Casual dresses are worn before and after the class hours and on holidays.

Dining Hall


A relaxed dining experience with cleanliness and hygiene of exacting standards, maintained in the preparation of a healthy balanced vegetarian diet using safe cooking gadgets.

Boarding Facilities



The school provides spacious and well furnished hostel with modern amenities and conveniences, which include a 24 hours supply of hot & cold water. The Hostel is free from environmental pollution and caters to the homely needs of the students and enables them to be free from homesickness




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