Central Board of Secondary Examination, New Delhi (CBSE) 


Fired by a Pan-India curriculum with a common framework, the Central Board of Secondary Education ,(CBSE) is futuristic and has been at the forefront of recent education reforms and keeping in line with its philosophy of keeping pace with changing times. New dimension of education has been introduced through life skills, Adolescence Education Program, physical health, Disaster management etc, which made the curriculum more comprehensive.


ACADEMICS-Central Board of Secondary Education
The subjects include:   At (IX/X) level


Social Sciences

At XI/XII level 
English (compulsory)
                                1) Science Stream:
Biology or Mathematics 

Physical Education (optional)

Information Technology (optional)

                              2) Commerce Stream:
Business Studies
Physical Education (optional)

Information Technology (optional)

You are advised to opt for at least 5 subjects and the Elective subjects available for study at SRSSIPS are Mathematics, Information Technology, and Hindi.

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