Middle Group





Middle school existences are an occasion of important rational, physical, social & touching growth. Students are helped to stay swiftness with the accelerated educational challenges and obtain support in acquiring life skills. They are assisted with learning ability, organization of work & increase confidence at performing beneath examination condition.


Rustic care is the main concern for the school and huge care & concentration is taken to make sure that there is regular contact between candidates and teachers.


The programme is also supported by the personality & cluster action outside the ordinary prospectus, Guest speaker, community projects & intense intra and inter schools activities are also supported.


The curriculum followed in these classes is specifically designed to keeping the best practices of the CBSE. The emphasis here is on building up skills in languages and Mathematical abilities and creating a spirit of scientific enquiry through experiential learning. It is purely based on CBSE Syllabus and one of best CBSE boarding school in Bundelkhand.


The students are counselled and given the option of choosing their streams at Grade 9 level.

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