At SRSSIPS we aspire our girls to be global citizens. To facilitate this we have designed inbound and outbound exchange programs, which widen the students’ perspectives and help them, understand the dynamics of management in other countries. We also invite teachers from across the border to interact with students and help them gain a global perspective. These exchange experiences provide our girls with a chance to meet a wide variety of people, visit beautiful cities, learn different ways of doing things and have diverse opportunities to expand one's horizons.

In an era of global ambitions and shrinking distances, today’s student is bound to get nationally involved in his lifetime, with most of them aspiring for university admissions abroad. That is why we believe that national exposure is the key for a student to gain an edge over the competition and also have a more global perspective. 


Trips and Excursions: The Annual Calendar has a number of educational outings in the schedule. The transportation for these outings is arranged and the students are accompanied by staff members. These venues include Sericulture Yard, Printing Press, Planetarium, Zoological gardens, Post office, Cultural sites, Places of historical interest, Stadiums, Legislative Assembly, etc.

We foster an environment for civic engagement by challenging our students to participate in community development and service. We promote awareness of local, domestic and global concerns by providing opportunities for our community to actively address them.

Education Tours
Annual visits are arranged for children of all classes to places of cultural, historical and geographical interest. These tours instill a sense of pride in our National heritage, besides building a strong foundation for patriotism, appreciation of cultural diversity and responsible citizenship.
School Fete
The School fete is an annual event and organized each year on febuary  month.. A colourful extravaganza of games and food stalls by the students and teachers is spread across the lawns of the campus. The proceeds from the Fete go into various socially useful projects, such as tree plantation drives, literacy programmes etc.


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